Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding Fun Books – Part 3

Oh, yeah—I forgot to tell you something. Even though I’m numbering these posts, they’re really not in any kind of order. Like, number one isn’t necessarily my favorite. I totally love all of them!

Okay. Another way I find fun books is listening to kids. Lots of places have book lists, but my very favorite ones are the ones where kids pick the best books.

Here are just a couple:
The Children’s Book Council and the International Reading Association ask 10,000 schoolchildren to select their favorite books. It’s called the Children’s Choice Book Awards. The kids actually vote—sweet!

Bearemy, of Build-A-Bear fame, has a book club. It’s called Bearemy’s Book Club, imagine that! He lists his favorite books and kids can review and rate books. It’s beary cool! (There’s a Games and Stories area too!).

If you have time, let me know your favorite books and I'll make a list of them too!

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