Friday, June 27, 2008

As Seen by Me: WALL-E

A bunch of us just got back from seeing the new Disney movie, WALL-E. Most loved it, but some… well… not so much.

The point of controversy seems to be the lack of dialogue. As a writer, I appreciate how much was shown rather than told. Through movement, action, touch, murmurs and mumbles, we see loneliness, longing, and love.

We feel WALL-E’s need for friendship, his concern and caring, his desire to love and be loved—all without words.

There is something to be said for showing how we feel.

It’s not like WALL-E is a silent movie or anything though. My favorite line was spoken by The Captain: "I don't want to survive; I want to live."

That’s what writing does for me; it brings life. I notice more of the world around me. I pay attention to it. Ponder it. Play with it. Process it. I feel more fully. I live more deeply.


Gena Larson said...

I loved that movie, too! Great and fun review; glad you were able to get away with the girls to see it!

Cheri Williams said...

Yep, we LOVE to read, but movies are good, too!

Thanks for stoppping by...