Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding Fun Books – The End

There are so many ways to find fun books to read. I could go on forever, but there's lots of big news brewing (check back soon!), so I’m going to finish up today—for now anyway.

The local library is a great way to find fun books. The librarian knows so much! They always have great ideas. Make sure you say “hi” to yours.

My favorite thing though is ordering my books online. When I go to the library my books are already waiting for me right behind the counter. I feel so special ;0)

Start by doing a search for your library’s website. Just use Google or Yahoo or whatever you normally use. Enter the name of your county and the word library. That should do it.

Once you’re there look for “Find Books” or “Find Materials” or something like that. You’ll probably need to enter your library card info and set up a password, but it should be easy-peasy.

Lots of libraries even have a section just for kids!

That’s the Library of Congress in the picture. I took it myself. Mm hm. They have a great kids section!

Remember, everything on this site that’s underlined is clickable and sure to be fun… check ‘em out!

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