Thursday, September 4, 2008

Women Who Love Books Too Much

My mom found a book for me yesterday (yes, I have a mom ;0).

The title? Women Who Love Books Too Much.

Say it isn’t so, I thought. Too much?


Now, it’s true I have a room I’ve turned into a library, I pick up new books weekly, and my nose is buried between their pages whenever possible. But… too much?


I just went through my house on a bookhunt and realized there are books in every single room! Even my kids’ restroom. And the laundry room. I must admit, this does seem a little freaky… but I wouldn’t change a thing!

Reading changes us. It grows us. And reading is fun!!!

Turns out the book my mom found is about women obsessed with books, but it’s about women who gave it all to read and write. Women who made a difference. Women who were excessive… in a good way.

The bad news: it’s out of print. The good news? I’m about to let you in on a little secret. Check it out.

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