Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Magazines Teach Health, Nutrition, Safety, and Exercise Fundamentals

The Children’s Better Health Institute publishes award-winning magazines you may not have heard of. Their purpose is “to encourage children of all races and cultures to strive for excellence in the areas of academics, personal fitness, medicine, and science.”

And… they make it FUN!!!

Turtle Magazine “offers colorful and entertaining stories, poems, and rebuses” to preschool children.”

Humpty Dumpty “keeps four to six year olds growing and healthy bodies moving.”

Children’s Playmate has “fun activities, stories, and recipes that promote healthy habits” for six to eight year olds.

Jack and Jill “ features profiles of regular kids doing extraordinary things” (ages seven to ten).

Children’s Digest “features up-to-date reviews of books and CD-ROMS” for nine to twelve year olds.

Check out the 2008 Cover Contest featured on each website–kids get a shot at illustrating a cover!

Cool. And definitely reading fun!

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