Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christian Magazines for All Ages

Back on the magazine front... Focus on the Family has Christian magazines for every age group. Each magazine has a totally awesome, age-appropriate website too!

Stories. Crafts. Movie Reviews. Contests. What’s New. Entertainment. Health and Beauty. Spiritual Health. Too Funny. Mail Bonding. Music. Sports. You want it—Focus has it!

Check ‘em out:

Clubhouse Jr. – “Faith-filled fun for youngsters. Creative stories, fascinating articles, puzzles, craft ideas and more are packed into each issue.”

Clubhouse - “This magazine for kids reinforces traditional values and promotes family closeness with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles and exciting stories.”

Brio – “Packed with feature articles and stories that encourage teen girls 13-16 to make godly choices.”

Brio and Beyond - “Not only will your daughter find articles that'll strengthen her faith, each issue is packed with great reading about everything from fashion and food to fitness and fun things to do.”

Breakaway - The magazine for Christian teen boys. Honest answers about the issues that concern you the most.”

There you have it, loads of Christian reading fun!

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