Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christmas in July

Tuesday’s post made me think of a fun game our family plays at Christmas. Actually, it’s the way we exchange gifts when we get together with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’m thinking we change it up a little and make it a Summer Book Bash!

First, send out invitations to your Summer Book Bash.

Ask your friends to shop for a new book that they would love to read.

Have them wrap it and bring it to the party.

Place all the wrapped books in a pile.

Fill a bowl with little pieces of paper with numbers (You need a number for every person) and have each person draw a number.

Now comes the really fun part! Number one picks a book, unwraps it, and shows it to all the guests.

Number two goes next. They can either pick from the pile, OR they can choose the already opened book from number one. If they pick the book number one opened, then they choose another book from the pile and number one gets to open again!

Each person takes their turn, either choosing a book that has already been opened or one from the present pile.

The last person can take any opened present or the last one from the pile.

We usually say a present can only be stolen three times, but you can make any rules you want, as long as everyone understands them at the beginning.

Make sure you remind everyone at the beginning that they might not end up with the first book they open!

Christmas in July—this definitely sounds like reading fun!

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